Italian Benevolent Foundation

The Italian Benevolent Foundation engaged Equard to identify possible enhancements and upgrades to their existing IT and communications infrastructure including data, voice, internet and inter-site communications. In particular, as a leading aged-care provider Bene was keen to identify any possible improvements to building access control, patient telephony and the Nurse Call system, as well as take in any benefits from new technology for frontline healthcare providers. Read More

Pilbara Ports Authority

The Port’s rapid expansion had stretched the network to breaking point, and paired with performance and consistency issues and a need for ISO27001 compliance, PPA approached Equard in 2012 to provide a network and infrastructure audit with a view to an ongoing relationship to ensure ISO27001 compliance testing. Read More

Equard Can Help you

•Audit your network environment

•Implement VoIP and Unified Communications for your business

•Refresh End-Of-Life equipment

•Support your customers or end-users

•Tighten up your network security

•Upgrade or re-design your WAN and ISP services

•Provide second-level support for your engineers