Our switching infrastructure solutions help you scale effortlessly to deliver intelligent, secure, reliable access for users to the network and the business critical information and applications necessary for their work. Through our partnership with leading vendors, like Cisco, HP/Aruba and Juniper, we can provide the switching solutions that empower the most efficient exchange of information across the network.

We can help you with:

• Compare costs – so you get the best value price/performance, including areas that are often overlooked, like support

• Provide a full audit of your infrastructure – reviewing topology, design, inventory and capacity planning

• Where possible, reuse your existing equipment within the new infrastructure

• Establish the most cost–effective network management solution

• Support your growing business with greater flexibility, using industry-leading expertise

Management of networks has become increasingly complex with the emergence of newer technologies, dispersed geographical operations, and frequent mergers and acquisitions. The number of applications supported by the network is also growing — making the network a critical element of your infrastructure.

While installing new network infrastructure or upgrading it, you could use reliable support to make changes to your network with less disruption to the business. The right installation and configuration services can help you increase ROI with faster deployment and smoother integration of the device(s) into the network, reduced risk of network downtime and potential configuration errors, and improved resource efficiency.

Equard is an accredited Cisco Professional Networking and Specialist Registered Networking Premier Partner and a HP/Aruba and Juniper Enterprise Solution Provider. We can offer truly independent, unbiased advice on what the smart options are for your business. The right switching infrastructure helps you to lay the foundation for future-proof and resilient networking. Our end-to-end planning, installation, and configuration services, delivered by Cisco, HP/Aruba and Juniper certified experts, with consistent service delivery capabilities, can meet your specific technical network requirements—wherever your facilities are located across the globe. The services are designed to help you add the scalability and flexibility needed to support future business growth.

Equard is agile and flexible. We have helped large and small organisations in a wide diversity of sectors, both public and private by bringing together a suite of complementary technologies & services that drive innovation, deliver real value and achieve an ROI.

Why Equard


Equard has a wealth of experience with a wide range of vendors and technologies. Our clients include Service Providers, System Integrators, Technology Consulting Groups and other Cisco Certified Partners.

National Focus

With a national focus Equard has experience and skill set to design, manage and deploy projects of any scale across Australia.

Key Partner Relationships

As a hardware agnostic business Equard has the ability to find the best solution for your unique project.

Equard Can Help you

•Audit your network environment

•Implement VoIP and Unified Communications for your business

•Refresh End-Of-Life equipment

•Support your customers or end-users

•Tighten up your network security

•Upgrade or re-design your WAN and ISP services

•Provide second-level support for your engineers