Professional Services

Whether part of a regular operational review, or driven by an industry-specific compliance requirement, network and security audits provide a valuable health check of your environment.

Equard can provide audits of network and security infrastructure, including physical security, and delivers comprehensive, easy-to-read reports detailing the findings and suggested remedies.
• Network Inventories and Audits
• Security Audits
• Risk Assessments
• Penetration Testing
• Compliance

Project services

Deploying a single router or an entire organisation-wide telephony solution requires careful preparation and engagement, planning, design, procurement and project management.

Equard can provide end-to-end project implementation, or work with your team to deliver part of the overall project. Our services include;
• Network Hardware and Software Procurement
• Vendor Selection and Specialist Equipment Sourcing
• Project Implementation
• End-user and Administrator Training

Support services

Equard’s Managed Services allows our clients to focus on their core business by supporting their network and communications infrastructure so they don’t have to.

Our support relationships are typically long-term engagements, during which our engineers become familiar with the client’s environment, and proactively suggest areas for improvement.

Support services include;
• Network Moves, Adds, Changes (MACs)
• Network Performance Troubleshooting
• Hardware Replacement and Warranty Claims

Structured support and management arrangements cater for Switching, Routing, Wireless and Voice equipment, and include;
• Managed Services Agreements
• Network Availability Monitoring
• Hardware Maintenance
• Network Inventory Management

WLAN Audits

Equard provide customers with independent and concise wireless network audits.

During our wireless audits we focus on three key areas;
1. Network Analysis – to see if the network is sufficient for VoIP, video, e-mail and other applications
2. Interference Analysis – to troubleshoot and minimize interference issues
3. Capacity Analysis – troubleshooting issues caused by insufficient Wi-Fi capacity

In addition to the above we also provide Wi-Fi troubleshooting services where we address such issues as Wi-Fi bottlenecks – the problematic locations and the root causes of those problems. We can also easily detect security and SSID mis-configurations using software tools with the integrated intelligence about how access points distribute their SSIDs and MAC addresses.

Equard have helped many customers to understand their current wireless hardware/software environment which has in turn provided them with options for either expanding their existing wireless networks or alternatively upgrading to the latest technology.

WLAN Site Survey

For almost any organisation, WLAN’s must provide large coverage areas; handle extensive traffic, and support a continuously clear, reliable signal. Increasing numbers of companies want their new wireless network to manage converged voice and data communications, or accommodate high data rate transmissions.

To assure needs are met, companies should perform a radio frequency (RF) site survey prior to the wireless installation. A site survey provides a detailed specification addressing coverage, equipment placement, power considerations, and wiring requirements. It also serves as a guide for the network design and for installing and verifying the wireless communication infrastructure. Site surveys differ in their complexity and level of effort, based on the technology and space being surveyed. The site survey offers a level of security in an arena in which – unlike wired networks – there are many variables to consider. A thoughtful, accurate, and effective assessment of coverage and system requirements will ease the wireless LAN installation process, while laying the groundwork for ongoing expansion.

Why Equard


Equard has a wealth of experience with a wide range of vendors and technologies. Our clients include Service Providers, System Integrators, Technology Consulting Groups and other Cisco Certified Partners.

National Focus

With a national focus Equard has experience and skill set to design, manage and deploy projects of any scale across Australia.

Key Partner Relationships

As a hardware agnostic business Equard has the ability to find the best solution for your unique project.

Equard Can Help you

•Audit your network environment

•Implement VoIP and Unified Communications for your business

•Refresh End-Of-Life equipment

•Support your customers or end-users

•Tighten up your network security

•Upgrade or re-design your WAN and ISP services

•Provide second-level support for your engineers