Your Security Partner

As specialists in the security sector, Equard has a long history of tailoring unique security solutions for both large and small enterprises. As a certified Cisco, Palo Alto and Juniper partner we work with you from the design and scoping phase right through to the implementation and ongoing management and break fix.

Complete solutions, tailored to your business
The modern security space is ever changing, there is no such thing as a one size fits all solution. Solutions not only need to be unique for your business but must adapt to meet the ever changing landscape.

Our experience is focused on, audit, design and implemention, centred on comprehensive threat defence solutions, that will meet tomorrows challenges. With a combination of hardware and software solutions combined with best practices; such as web filtering, sandboxing reporting and analysis, Equard has the solutions, skills and experience to protect your organisations.

Equard takes a holistic approach to security across your entire network environment, encompassing;
•Physical device security
•Best practice configuration guidelines
•Entry/Exit point security, including Access Rule design
•DeMilitarised Zone (DMZ) architectures
•High-availability (HA) Firewall design
•Secure, remote access, utilising VPN and multi-factor authentication technology
•Wireless security
•Encryption for secure networks
•Voice system, SIP and IP handset security to prevent instances of Toll Fraud
•Web and Email Security, Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus and Malware Detection
• Site audits
• Environment audit and outcome reports

Why Equard


Equard has a wealth of experience with a wide range of vendors and technologies. Our clients include Service Providers, System Integrators, Technology Consulting Groups and other Cisco Certified Partners.

National Focus

With a national focus Equard has experience and skill set to design, manage and deploy projects of any scale across Australia.

Key Partner Relationships

As a hardware agnostic business Equard has the ability to find the best solution for your unique project.

Equard Can Help you

•Audit your network environment

•Implement VoIP and Unified Communications for your business

•Refresh End-Of-Life equipment

•Support your customers or end-users

•Tighten up your network security

•Upgrade or re-design your WAN and ISP services

•Provide second-level support for your engineers